Compassion Blend Subscription

Compassion Blend Subscription

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A coffee subscription from Three Tree Coffee & Compassion International 

Subscribe to receive a 12 oz bag of the Compassion Blend monthly!

Sourced from our Compassion project regions and roasted by Three Tree, the Compassion Blend Subscription invites you to savor delicious flavors from a curated blend as you learn how your generosity is making a powerful impact to the communities who provide this delicious coffee.

20% of proceeds go toward youth development programs with Compassion International. These programs enable vocational training and income generating skills for youth in Honduras and other countries around the world.

Want to give the coffee a try, but not ready to subscribe?  Make a one-time order HERE!

*To read the disclosure about the Commercial Co-Venture between Three Tree Coffee & Compassion International, please click HERE.