Frequently Asked Questions

Look through our most frequently asked questions here. If you still need help, then please contact us at

Online Ordering & Shipping

  • What is the status of my online order?

    After you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email. Once your order has been shipped, we will send you another email with the tracking number. You can use that tracking number to track the shipment of your order. Be sure to check your junk folder if you don't initially find those emails!

    We typically ship packages on Tuesdays and Thursdays and shipping usually takes between 3-5 business days. If you have more questions about your order, please email

  • How can I edit my coffee subscription?

    To edit your coffee subscription, please log into your account here. After logging in, there will be a link on the right titled 'Manage Subscriptions' where you can edit your subscription. If you have never created an account, please use the link provided in your monthly order confirmation email to create an account.

    Through your account, you can:

    • check the status of your coffee subscriptions
    • increase the number of coffee bags per month
    • skip an order while staying subscribed for future recurring orders
    • edit billing/shipping information
    • cancel your subscription

    We only offer monthly frequencies for subscriptions at this time. Subscription charges are processed on the anniversary date of your first order for each subsequent frequency period. For example, if you have a monthly subscription and placed the first order on June 20, then your next subscription would be charged on July 20.

    If you have any issues logging into your account, please email and include the edits you would like made to your coffee subscription.

  • Where do you ship?

    We currently ship anywhere in the United-States and Canada. For shipping outside of these countries, please email us at

  • How do I refund my order?

    First, please read over our refund policy to be sure we are able to refund your order. Then, if you need assistance refunding an order, please email

  • Is your coffee Fair Trade?

    Some of our coffees are certified fair trade and all of our coffees are empowering farmers. We have a three-fold mission to Empower our Farmers, End Human Trafficking and Engage the Community. We empower our farmers by sourcing our coffee (and many other products) ethically. 

    For any of our coffees that are certified fair trade, these coffee farmers are paid a minimum of $1.80/lb. Keep in mind, this is a price minimum and the price paid to the farm owner could be higher.  

    For any coffees that are not certified by fair trade, we have 'direct trade' coffees.  These are partnership coffees in which we have a more direct avenue for purchasing the coffee and can therefore ensure ethical values ourselves. These types of partnerships range drastically from coffee to coffee, but each has the partner listed on the bag label. Many of these coffees paid much higher prices to the farmers than the fair trade minimum.

    Whether working with Fair Trade USA or developing our own partnerships, we are committed to empowering farmers through ethical sourcing and fair wages.

  • Is your coffee Organic?

    Though our business is not certified organic, all of our Fair Trade coffees come from farms that are certified organic. We also only source organic decaf coffees, usually being a Swiss Water Process or Sugar Cane Process.

    Though many of our other coffees are sustainably grown and harvested at the farm level, we cannot guarantee that any of our coffees (besides the Fair Trade coffees) are organic.

  • What is the roast level of your coffee?

    We roast each of our single-origin coffees to display the unique flavors of that region. In other words, each coffee has its own potential that we want to compliment, not cover. Therefore, we roast most of our coffees between a light or medium roast.

    An analogy we use to explain our roasting theory is to compare the roasting process to toasting bread. Different breads have different flavors, which would be obvious if eaten side by side. However, if you burn all those different breads in a toaster, then you get a homogenized smoky burnt flavor that covers each bread's uniqueness. Similarly, roasting too dark covers many natural unique flavors of a coffee with a roasted smoky flavor.

    Though we roast most of our coffees light to medium, we do offer a dark roast coffee for those who prefer that flavor.

  • What is Compassion Coffee?

    Compassion Coffee is a unique product in partnership with Compassion International to raise money towards their mission of releasing children from poverty. Specifically, 20% of each order is donated to Compassion International for continued impact around the world.

Coffee Shops

  • What are your hours?

    For the most up-to-date hours at our coffee shops, please visit our google listing page or Yelp page for the location you'd like to visit.

    Midtown Location (Statesboro, GA) = Google Listing; Yelp

    Porch Location (Pooler, GA) = Google Listing; Yelp

    GSU Location (Statesboro, GA) = Google Listing

  • Are you hiring?

    Hiring times are unique and seasonal for each location. However, we always accept resumes to keep on file! We strongly suggest you drop one off in-person at any of our locations. Otherwise, you can email your resume and/or cover letter to

  • Are your food and drinks allergen-friendly? (Ex. gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, and/or vegan)

    Many of the founding members of Three Tree Coffee have various food allergies, which is why it is one of our passions to offer allergen friendly alternatives! Below are some ways we accommodate our allergen sensitive guests.

    • All milk-based drinks can be ordered with milk alternatives, including oat and almond.
    • Many of our pastries are gluten-free and dairy-free, such as our Espresso Chocolate Chip Muffins. Please ask your local barista to distinguish those pastries.
    • For locations that offer brunch, many of our brunch options can be made gluten-free.
    • Our GATA Bars are vegan, gluten-free and soy-free.

    None of our food products can be guaranteed nut-free. We have allergen charts available at all shops if you need more detailed information about allergen foods. More so, though we take steps to avoid cross-contamination (such as using different tongs to handle gluten-free and dairy-free pastries), all products are made in the same facility and we encourage you to exercise caution if you have a severe allergy.

  • Can I order ahead for quicker pick-up?

    Yes! The best way to do this is to download our phone app. Or you can click here to order online to pick up your favorite drink or food item without waiting in line!

Catering and The Trolley

  • Do you offer catering?

    Yes! We offer many different forms of catering for weddings, events, business gatherings, appreciation days and more.

    Our most popular form of catering is a mobile coffee cart called The Trolley, which travels across the state of Georgia. You can fill out the form on the Trolley page to learn more.

    We can also cater many food and coffee needs in the communities we have locations. You can use our contact page to get more information or stop by one of our shops.

  • How much does the Coffee Trolley cost?

    Pricing for the Trolley varies depending on how long of service you need, how many guests we serve and what items are on the menu. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the Trolley page to get a quote for your event.

  • Is the Coffee Trolley loud?

    Our mobile cart called The Trolley is very quite as we use a generator that only produces a maximum of 60 decibels (the volume of typical background music). For many events, we do not need the generator if we have a power supply near by.

  • Where does the Coffee Trolley travel?

    Currently, the Trolley only travels in the state of Georgia. If you have an event near the Georgia border in South Carolina or Florida, we can possibly bring the Trolley to you. Please go to the Trolley page and fill out the form at the bottom to see if the Trolley can come to you!


  • What does it mean to empower farmers?

    Sadly, coffee has a history of slave labor. Though there is not as much forced labor in coffee in present times, this terrible past resulted in unsustainable market conditions for coffee growers. To read more about our mission, please visit our Mission page.

  • What does it mean to end human trafficking?

    It is estimated that there are 20-40 million people trafficked every year.  These are people who are treated as commodities and forced against their will to provide value to others.  The two most prevalent forms of human trafficking are labor trafficking and sex trafficking.  If coffee is a work of art, how much more so are people a work of art! We want to end human trafficking.

    To read more about our mission, please visit our Mission page. You can also read more about our Giving Statement where we detail how we raise money to end human trafficking. Lastly, we have a podcast called 'Coffee &' where we explore this topic further.

  • What does it mean to engage the community?

    We love our neighbors and want to serve them well!  On a daily basis, this is the most felt aspect of our mission as you get to build relationships with our customers.  More so, we strive to invest in our community by participating in city initiatives, supporting local non-profits and providing a fun internship for students.  However, we do not only want to serve…we want to ENGAGE!

    Engaging our community also means mobilizing them towards our mission.  We want our cities and neighbors to source their products ethically to empower farmers and avoid labor trafficking.  We want our communities to fight sex trafficking by investing in non-profits and raising awareness. 

Wholesale & Consulting

  • Do you offer wholesale discounts?

    Yes! If you are an ORGANIZATION that orders or plans to order at least 15 lbs of coffee per month consistently, then please request access to our BlueCart Catalog HERE or email BlueCart is the system we use for our wholesale partners to see coffee options and order product.

  • Do you offer coffee consulting?

    Yes! Since 2014, this business has gone from being a small roasting hobby to a large coffee enterprise. Over that time, we've seen it all (including a global pandemic) and feel confident we can help you on your coffee business journey! To request more information, please email