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No Place Like It

It was the Summer of 2009 when I met a girl from Statesboro.  We were working at the same camp and I could not keep myself from talking to her. "What school do you go to?" I asked lacking any other good convo material. "Georgia Southern." "Where is that?" "Statesboro," she said. "It's where I grew up." "...where?"  (I wasn't the best at small talk with a pretty girl) She sighed, "It's near Savannah." 'Ohhh.  Ok.  Sounds...neat." As I awkwardly stumbled through our first interaction, I found myself becoming interested in Statesboro, simply because I found myself interested in this girl.  Little did I know that one day I would marry her, and we would begin our own family in...

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Washed vs. Natural Coffee

You may be surprised to hear that coffee beans aren’t actually beans at all. They are in fact seeds that have been taken from the cherries of a coffee plant. There are two main methods for extracting the coffee seeds/beans, each with their own minor variations. These processes are known as washed and natural.

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Golda Kombucha

The exact story of how kombucha was created remains a mystery, but what does seem certain is that it arose from the Far East. China, Russia, Korea, Tibet—these are a few of the countries that lay claim to the discovery of this beverage. Regardless of who was the first to stumble upon and consume this remarkable drink, it has been enjoyed in these parts of the world for thousands of years.

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