End Human Trafficking

It is estimated that there are 20-40 million people trafficked every year.  These are people who are treated as commodities and forced against their will to provide value to others.  Human trafficking can take on many different forms of slavery; however, they all revolve around injustice.  We at Three Tree Coffee desire to see true justice and to end human trafficking.  To accomplish this, we are partnering with local and international organizations to bring awareness and raise funds.  

Giving Statement End Human Trafficking

Our Giving Statement shows our financial commitment to this problem.  Put simply, $1 of each retail bag sold is donated to a safe house, 2 fundraisers are conducted each year per shop, and 3% of profits are donated to ending human trafficking.

Lastly, we are a proud member of the Freedom Business Alliance; a collection of businesses committed to applying economic solutions to the human trafficking problem.