Giving Statement

One of the ways we fuel our mission is through intentional giving, which for us is as simple as 1, 2, 3...

We give $1 of each coffee bag sold through our shops or through our online store to safe houses in need.  Safe houses we have partnered with include Tharros Place and Out of Darkness.  This donation does not include wholesale coffee bags or coffee bag fundraisers.  Order bags HERE!

We conduct 2 fundraisers through each of our coffee shops each year.  Sometimes these will be organized to be similar across all shops, but each shop also has the freedom to apply their own creativity to these fundraisers!  

Lastly, we donate 3% of profits to organizations that are ending human trafficking.  

Beyond the giving listed above, we also strive to source products ethically and to serve our local communities.  These are all ways we pursue our mission to Empower our Farmers, End Human Trafficking and Engage the Community!

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