Coffee Brewing Set Fellow Ode Grinder Stagg Kettle Aeropress Pourover

Coffee Brewing Set

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Looking to level up your coffee game?  Mix and match your ideal set up here!  Add the kettle or grinder with your Aeropress or V60 purchase and we'll throw in a free 12oz bag of one of our coffees!

  1. Choose the Aeropress or the V60.  Both of these are plastic and come with filters.
  2. Choose to add a water kettle for precise pouring.  This is a must if you plan to brew pour-over coffees in a V60 or another pour-over brewer.  Specifically, you will receive a Fellow Stagg EKG Kettle (color is black).
  3. Choose to add a grinder for peak freshness and flavor.  Grinding fresh is one of the simplest ways to elevate your coffee's flavor.  Specifically, you will receive a Fellow Ode Grinder Gen 2 (color is black).  This is one of the best home coffee grinders on the market.

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