Aeropress Coffee Brewer

Aeropress Coffee Brewer

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The Aeropress is a hybrid way of brewing coffee, utilizing pressure to create an espresso like effect for a cup of coffee.   The pressure emulsifies oils creating a creamy texture to the drink.  The result is a delicious concentrated cup of coffee (2-4 oz).  You can drink as is, add water to make coffee/Americano style drink, or brew over ice.  The best part is that the Aeropress is very forgiving, meaning it is difficult to make a bad cup of coffee.  Easy to use, easy to clean, quick and delicious! 

Recommended Brewing

18 grams of fine-ground coffee (one full Aeropress scoop that comes with brewer)

3-4 oz. of hot water (around 205 degrees F, just below a boil)