Growlers, Bottles, and Ice Cream...Oh My!

Spring lasted a day, the gnats are out, and the heat is back.  So what better way to celebrate summer than to highlight 3 ways we are helping you beat the heat!


Firstly, we unveiled our new growler system, where you can buy a custom growler with a half gallon of cold brew!  Having crafted a new stellar cold brew recipe, we wanted to create an option for you to buy in bulk and enjoy throughout the week.  Bring your Three Tree growler back in for discounted refills!  Speaking of cold brew...

Bottled Cold Brew:

We also just recently revealed our BOTTLED cold brew product!  The inspiration for the label comes from a taproot, which is a large root that grows vertically into the soil, from which many smaller lateral roots spring.  We see our mission as the 'taproot.'  Empowering Farmers, Ending Human Trafficking and Engaging the Community is the foundation of our business, the root system from which all other initiatives and plans spring from.  This new cold brew celebrates our mission while offering you a delicious new bottled product.  Currently, our bottled cold brew can only be found on The Trolley and a few select stores in Statesboro.  

Ice Cream:

Lastly, what better way to beat the heat than with locally-made ice cream!  The Rolling Monkey now uses a unique cold brew concentrate we crafted specifically for them.  Go check them out!  You can also find new ice cream products in our shop, including affogatos!  (Yum)


Come on by to enjoy all the ways you can cool off at Three Tree Coffee!

Philip Klayman



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