Teeny the Trolley

The food truck scene has been raising in the past decade, serving hungry citizens of the United States with great quality food straight from the street. It’s a fun experience. You may have a food truck that you can always depend on to arrive in a certain place at a certain time. It magically appears and suddenly you have the opportunity to converse with the friendly entrepreneurs while they serve you their specialty food. Sometimes it appears in a new location as a last minute surprise. We all have, no doubt, had an experience or two with a food truck. Have you ever had an experience with a food trolley, though?



This is where Jami Craft comes in. She has been with Three Tree since the beginning, starting as an intern in 2014 and coming on full time after her graduation in 2016. She has invested a lot of time and effort into the shop, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. When the opportunity came for Three Tree to acquire a unique trolley-style food truck, we knew that she would be a perfect manager for this natural expansion of Three Tree. Teeny is the name Jami has given to the trolley. Why? Because it’s small, of course!
The trolley has been in commission as of March of 2018, where it made a great first impression at the MOVE Conference in Atlanta, GA. In the short time since, the little guy has been busy with many events: from catering weddings and parties, to transforming business parking spaces into a small café. Jami enjoys serving at all events, but weddings are her favorite, because they are high-energy and everyone gets excited when they see the Trolley. “It’s just fun,” Jami explains “to be invited to such a big event in someone’s life.”
The best aspect of the trolley, in Jami’s mind, is that it feels like a miniature version of the brick-and-mortar shop. As she says, “we can really take our shop anywhere.” So if it’s like a miniature version of Three Tree, then you would expect to get anything on the trolley that you could get from the shop, right? Pretty much. From hot coffee to cold brew to latte’s; from milkshakes to hot chocolate: Teeny can basically handle it all.
The Trolley may be small, but it packs a punch. On top of all the drinks that can be expected from the little guy, there are many food options, including Three Tree pastries, sausage biscuits, and ice cream. The possibilities seem endless.
The Trolley sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? It’s a lot of hard work, though. There are so many people that still don’t know about the Trolley, and that you can rent it for events. That is probably one of the biggest challenges that Jami is facing—getting the word out


Jami hopes to see the Trolley branch out and go to bigger cities, while keeping it’s home base local to Statesboro. She hopes that everyone will want to have the Trolley at their event. And why not? It’s charming and unassuming, quiet and friendly. It’s easy to hire the Trolley. Teeny may be small, but it can travel. Currently there is no travel fee for any location within 15 miles of Statesboro’s city limits. Over 15 miles and a fee will be applied. Reserve the Trolley by calling Three Tree and asking for a reservation, or by emailing Jami at craft@threetreecoffee.com.



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