Lunch Menu

All of our house-made lunch items are grab-n-go, first come first serve. 
Ready by 11 AM everyday
Chicken Salad Sandwich  $6.99
Chicken Salad Scoop with Chips  $6.99
Pimiento Cheese & Bacon Sandwich  $5.99
Pimiento Cheese Scoop with Chips  $5.49
Hummus Scoop with Crackers  $4.99
**Yummy Fit Bowl with Chicken, brown rice & veggies $8.00 
**Yummy Fit Bowl with Steak, brown rice & veggies $9.00
Chips +1
Fruit +3
Veggie/Fruit Tray +3
*Gluten-Free Crackers can be exchanged for chips
**provided by local restaurant, Soyumi Asian Kitchen