Compassion Coffee - Single Order

Compassion Coffee - Single Order

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A coffee collaboration from Three Tree Coffee & Compassion International 

Sourced from our Compassion project regions and roasted by Three Tree, Coffee with Compassion invites you to savor delicious flavors as you learn how your generosity is making a powerful impact to the communities who provide this delicious coffee.

20% of proceeds go toward Compassion International's mission to release children from poverty.  100% of this product was sourced ethically from empowered coffee farmers.

Two Options:

Roaster's Choice = Try a single-order sample from the curated monthly rotation of our Roaster's favorite single-origins or blends.  SUBSCRIBE to be surprised each month with a new unique coffee and explore different flavors!

House Blend = A smooth and rich blend.  Consistent for customers who like a more familiar house blend flavor.

Want to drink delicious coffee and support Compassion International monthly?  Subscribe HERE!

*Can not be shipped to Alaska, Alabama, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

**To read the disclosure about this partnership between Three Tree Coffee & Compassion International, please click HERE.