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Community is core to our mission. Three Tree didn't simply stumble into a spot for it's
coffee aspirations to grow. Statesboro was chosen for a reason. It's our love for this specific community that has brought us here. Statesboro has more potential than it is living up to; it also has it's weaknesses, however. We are here to help make a positive change in a place that is close to our hearts. As Millard Fuller, founder and deceased president of Habitat for Humanity International put it: "For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people's love and concern for each other. I have personally seen that all of us here at Three Tree have this love and concern for Statesboro."

We started our business as a roaster, supplying our coffee at Statesboro's local
farmer's market a couple of years before opening our coffee shop. We are still operating at the farmers market as we believe that the farmers market is a great place for the community to gather and experience some of the best products that Statesboro has to offer.

After having much positive feedback at the farmers market, we opened our shop with
great enthusiasm. We are also proud to provide coffee to many local vendors. After all, the local shops and vendors are the soul of Statesboro. Our coffee can be found at the following locations: The Daily Grind, Sugar Magnolia, Food World, Lucky's (in Savannah), and with 4 & 20 bakers. Why not try our coffee at each location and tell us which location brews it the best? After all, coffee tastes differently when brewed differently. Your feedback would be a great way to keep all of us accountable (Three Tree included) and at the top of our game.

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