The Blue Mile

The Blue Mile is a one mile stretch of South Main Street which leads to Georgia
Southern University. The landscape of this mile is diverse, with thriving businesses sharing space with empty lots, ripe for the plucking. This mile is where many prospective students and faculty receive their first impression of what kind of town Georgia Southern occupies. It is important for us to maintain a healthy, welcoming space along this corridor in order to give a warm and inspiring presence to the University and this town. By rejuvenating the Blue Mile, we can show outsiders the potential we are capable of.

Statesboro is a growing community which invests in itself. It boasts one of the largest
farmers markets in the South. The people of this town are proud of their agriculture and local establishments, and they are determined to thrive. Statesboro is also very invested in their college, as the town's health revolves around the health of the University.

Statesboro is involved in the ìAmericas Best Communities competition, which allows a
handful of towns throughout America to have a chance to grow more into their potential. Any money won through this contest will help to develop The Blue Mile. This development will draw more local business, bringing the community back to Main Street. The more that the community is drawn to Main Street, the more local businesses along Main Street will thrive.

Three Tree is located on 441 South Main Street, right on the Blue Mile. It has been
open for over a year, and it is going strong. We have been proud to serve the town. Serving the community is just one of three pieces of our mission (along with empowering our coffee farmers and doing our part to put an end to human trafficking). Statesboro is wholesome and pleasant, varying from young college students to families of all stages. We are proud to serve and to be welcomed into their lives.

For more information on the development of the Blue Mile, visit the American's Best
Communities website. Here you can keep up with Statesboro's progress, as well as the
progress of the remaining contestants.

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