Main Street Farmers Market

Statesboro boasts one of the most charming farmer's markets in the South. A slow Saturday morning is caught up in a fun day at the open-air market. It is truly an event worth investing some time in under the warm Georgia sun.

You literally can't get any fresher produce than at the farmer's market. The produce that appears in the farmer's market comes from the community and surrounding areas. Fruits and vegetables are not the only products that are sold at the market, however. From baked goods to soap, kettle corn to coffee - these products make the market more than a shopping event: its a fun, family-friendly experience located right in the historical center of Statesboro.

Three Tree has been roasting coffee since April 2014, and has been operating at the Statesboro farmer's market since that Summer. The majority of our coffee was sold from the market until we opened our brick-and-mortar location in the Fall of 2015. Though we now have a shop where customers can come purchase our coffee, we are still very much invested in the farmer's market as it is a vital way for us to be active in the community and with our farmers.

Market2Go is Statesboro's online, year-round farmer's market. We are very fortunate to live in a town that cares enough for its farmers and artisans to keep the market going year round through the use of modern technology. Unlike a lot of CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture), the online market allows shoppers to pick and choose what to purchase, ensuring that the local shopper is not obligated to buy food and goods that they will not use. Because of this nothing is wasted. For more details about the online market and pickup times, visit the Market2Go website at:

So next time you get the chance, come visit us at the market! We sell cold brew, hot coffee and bags of beans! Drink your caffeine while you shop for groceries and locally made popsicles!



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