Compassion Subscription - October 2022

*Current subscribers, welcome to our new method for delivering valuable content to you regarding your Compassion Subscription.  Each month through these blog posts, we'll provide you information on the coffee you received in your subscription, including where it came from and what we are tasting.  We will also provide you impact stories so you know what your purchase is supporting.  Some months, these impact stories will focus on Compassion projects like the stories you have read through the past monthly inserts.  Some months, we will instead give insight into how this coffee is impacting farming communities or how our organization is Ending Human Trafficking.  The hope is that you can see the impact your purchase is having both through Compassion International and beyond the 20% fundraiser your purchase accomplishes.  We're excited to share all the ways your coffee is making a difference!*
The House Blend Compassion Subscription which changes seasonally is currently:
Domincan Republic and Honduras, Finca Terrerito
This month's coffee for the Roaster's Choice Compassion Subscription is
Honduras, Finca Terrerito
In the Honduran coffee this month, we taste notes of dark chocolate, caramel and rich nuts.

This month we want to highlight our Honduras partner, Finca Terrerito. We have been partners with them since 2020, and they continue to surpass our expectations with communication and transparency. 
Finca Terrerito is a fifth generation specialty coffee farm located in Copan, Honduras with warehousing in Atlanta, Georgia. They are certified organic, bird friendly, fair trade and disabled veteran owned. They hold high standards for how their coffee is processed and stored to ensure the finest quality. 
Recently they have experienced significant flooding due to the effects of hurricane Ian. The main highway that allows access to the farm was washed out, and there have been many mudslides causing erosion. Finca Terrerito helps their farming community by also planting other crops such as corn. Unfortunately those crops were destroyed. 
This will impact their crops for the next few years, but if life has taught them anything it's to be resilient and thankful for the blessings that come from tragedy. To learn more about Finca Terrerito, click here. In the meantime, enjoy the coffee that these farmers in Copan work so hard to bring to us here in the US.  

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