Compassion Subscription - November 2022

*Current subscribers, welcome to our new method for delivering valuable content to you regarding your Compassion Subscription.  Each month through these blog posts, we'll provide you information on the coffee you received in your subscription, including where it came from and what we are tasting.  We will also provide you impact stories so you know what your purchase is supporting.  Some months, these impact stories will focus on Compassion projects like the stories you have read through the past monthly inserts.  Some months, we will instead give insight into how this coffee is impacting farming communities or how our organization is Ending Human Trafficking.  The hope is that you can see the impact your purchase is having both through Compassion International and beyond the 20% fundraiser your purchase accomplishes.  We're excited to share all the ways your coffee is making a difference!*
The House Blend Compassion Subscription which changes seasonally is currently:
Nicaragua, Jinotega and Honduras, Finca Terrerito
This month's coffee for the Roaster's Choice Compassion Subscription is
Nicaragua, Jinotega
In the Nicaraguan coffee this month, we taste notes of black tea, caramel and dates!
This month we would like to highlight the work that Compassion International is doing in Nicaragua! They have been in the land of "lakes and volcanoes" for about 18 years, helping alleviate childhood poverty. Within those 18 years, they have served almost 70,000 kids. School attendance is very low across the country, so education has been the primary focus within the Compassion outreach centers. By getting the youngest school aged children into a classroom, there is a greater chance of seeing them through high school completion. 
Here is one story of how education and the Compassion outreach center transformed someones life in Nicaragua. 
Victor grew up surrounded by poverty, however because of the community outreach center he was able to graduate from high school. He began to pursue a college education but around the same time he was to register for classes, his mother lost her job. He then needed to provide for his family and was unable to afford the schooling costs. His situation seemed hopeless but it wasn't! Victors problems were solved in an unexpected way. 
The Compassion center in Victors town had recently started a sewing program aimed at providing income-generating opportunities to mothers in poverty. When they decided to open the program to teens, Victor jumped on the opportunity. Through this vocational training program, Victor learned he had a passion for sewing and was soon made the teachers aid, and it was through his leadership and passion that he found a way to pay for school! 
Compassion was also in the process of setting up a scholarship program for students who exemplified good character and hard work. The outreach center noticed Victors determination and willingness to do whatever was needed to provide for his family, and he was awarded this scholarship. He was able to attend college after all, even though the road to get there looked a little different than he originally thought. Because of the Compassion center, his hard work did not go unnoticed and he was given such a blessing. 

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