Compassion Subscription - March 2023

The House Blend Compassion Subscription which changes seasonally is currently:
Nicaragua, Jinotega and Honduras, Finca Terrerito
This month's coffee for the Roaster's Choice Compassion Subscription 
is a blend of:
Honduras, San Sebastian and Rwanda, Gasharu (Sisterhood Blend)
In the Roaster's Choice coffee this month, we taste notes of floral, ginger and vanilla!
March is designated as Women's History Month, with March 8 being International Women's Day. With this in mind, we chose to highlight our two single origin coffees that support women owned cooperatives or farms. 
Women contribute significantly to the global coffee sector. Between 20-30% of coffee farms are female-operated and up to 70% of labor in coffee production is provided by women, depending on the region. However, women have much lower access to resources, such as land, credit and information, then men. This often results in a measurable gender gap in economic outcomes, including yields, productivity and farm income.
The two farms that we have partnered with here seek to provide a genuine living wage, including access to education and betterment for their communities, to the women who work there. They hope to lessen the gender gap that plagues women in the coffee production industry. 
There is substantial evidence that putting more money directly into the hands of women, communities can eradicate malnutrition and illiteracy and ensure girls have access to education. 

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