Compassion Subscription: July 2022

*Current subscribers, welcome to our new method for delivering valuable content to you regarding your Compassion Subscription.  Each month through these blog posts, we'll provide you information on the coffee you received in your subscription, including where it came from and what we are tasting.  We will also provide you impact stories so you know what your purchase is supporting.  Some months, these impact stories will focus on Compassion projects like the stories you have read through the past monthly inserts.  Some months, we will instead give insight into how this coffee is impacting farming communities or how our organization is Ending Human Trafficking.  The hope is that you can see the impact your purchase is having both through Compassion International and beyond the 20% fundraiser your purchase accomplishes.  We're excited to share all the ways your coffee is making a difference!*

The House Blend Compassion Subscription which changes seasonally is currently:

Ecuador, La Carolina and Honduras, Finca Terrerito

This month's coffee for the Roaster's Choice Compassion Subscription is a favorite of our customers:

Honduras, Pacheco

In the Honduras, Pacheco we taste cola, caramel and watermelon candy (specifically watermelon jolly rancher...and yes, we bought some jolly ranchers just to make sure!).  This Honduras coffee was produced by Abel at Mejia farm and was introduced to us by a group called Mtn2Sea, who has a mission-focused passion for disaster relief.  And when we say passion, we mean it!  

Chad Robbins is the founder of Mtn2Sea and he sent us some green (unroasted) coffee samples earlier this year.  We were immediately blown-away and surprised at the taste of this coffee, especially considering how fruit-forward it was for a Honduras coffee.  The quality alone had our attention and learning more about Mtn2Sea's disaster relief ministry only sealed the deal for us.  

Within weeks after purchasing this Honduras coffee, Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine garnering the worlds attention and sending millions of people fleeing the embattled country.  Like most, we were shocked by this world event and concerned about what the future held.  Little did we know that our purchase of this Honduras coffee would help alleviate Ukrainian refugees.

Next thing we know, Chad is in Ukraine with a team bussing refugees to safety at the Ukrainian border.  They also purchased tens of thousands of dollars worth of supplies in Romania to take into Ukraine for those in need.  

This type of work is not uncommon for Mtn2Sea.  Just a month ago, they were in Pacheco, Honduras installing a new roof on a preschool whose previous roof was destroyed by termites. 

Pacheco Honduras Roof

While in Pacheco, they also fixed a well that had been broken for 22 years, supplying more people with fresh clean water.

Pacheco Well

We are excited about this new coffee partner and the work they are doing around the world.

These are the sorts of activities your coffee purchase is supporting.  Thank you for your support and stay tuned for next month's coffee!

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