Compassion Subscription - January 2023

The House Blend Compassion Subscription which changes seasonally is currently:
Nicaragua, Jinotega and Honduras, Finca Terrerito
This month's coffee for the Roaster's Choice Compassion Subscription is
Ethiopia, Anderacha (Natural Process)
In the Roaster's Choice coffee this month, we taste notes of cherry wine, blackberry and honeysuckle!
A few months ago, our Roaster's Choice coffee was an Ethiopia, Anderacha as well! That particular coffee was processed using a traditional washing method, whereas this months Anderacha is processed using a Natural method, which is the oldest processing method for coffee. 
While the washed coffees have their fruit (or the cherry on the outside of the bean) removed relatively quickly after harvesting, Natural process coffees are opposite. The cherry is dried around the bean before being husked off. This process usually aids in some of the fruitier flavors you would find in a naturally processed coffee. Drying natural coffees is a longer and overall riskier process than a washed method. More space, attention and labor is needed, as there is a constant risk for spoilage and over-fermentation, as the fruit material that is intact on the beans provides a longterm and concentrated fuel source for yeast and bacteria to metabolize. Therefore, these naturals are generally more expensive and more sought after in the specialty coffee world. 
Because of the fruit being dried around the bean and creating a fermentation there are generally some "fermenty" flavor notes that come out of the roasted bean. You'll notice that one of the prominent flavor notes of this particular Ethiopia is cherry wine. Many natural coffees will have a prominent wine-y flavor component that is very noticeable on the front end, and usually coats the taste buds and provides a juicy sip. 
As you drink your roaster's choice this month, enjoy the fun fruity flavors. We also wish you a very a happy 2023! 

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