Compassion Subscription - August 2022

*Current subscribers, welcome to our new method for delivering valuable content to you regarding your Compassion Subscription.  Each month through these blog posts, we'll provide you information on the coffee you received in your subscription, including where it came from and what we are tasting.  We will also provide you impact stories so you know what your purchase is supporting.  Some months, these impact stories will focus on Compassion projects like the stories you have read through the past monthly inserts.  Some months, we will instead give insight into how this coffee is impacting farming communities or how our organization is Ending Human Trafficking.  The hope is that you can see the impact your purchase is having both through Compassion International and beyond the 20% fundraiser your purchase accomplishes.  We're excited to share all the ways your coffee is making a difference!*

The House Blend Compassion Subscription which changes seasonally is currently:
Ecuador, La Carolina and Honduras, Finca Terrerito
This month's coffee for the Roaster's Choice Compassion Subscription is a favorite of our customers:
Kenya, Kirinyaga


In the Kenya, Kirinyaga we taste lemon tart, honey graham and grapefruit.  

Kenyan coffees are in a class of their own. They are known for their intense flavors, incredible sweetness and bright acidity. This stems from the complexity of their growing region, the volcanic soil, the processing methods. This Kenyan coffee was produced by the Wachira family and Long Miles Coffee Project in Kirinyaga County near Mount Kenya.

Coffee cherries at the Wichira Family Farm

Coffee cherries at the Wachira family farm in Kenya

Long Miles Coffee Project originated in Burundi and was founded by Ben and Christy Carlson in 2011. They have worked alongside many farmers helping to establish phenomenal coffee producing farms that have been life changing for many communities.

In 2020, Long Miles moved into Kenya to see if they could help some farming communities in the same ways they had been successful in Burundi. They were able to connect with the Wachira family and a great relationship was built. 

Farmer at the Wichira family farm in Kenya

Farmer at the Wachira family farm in Kenya

Long Miles focuses on producing high quality coffee by introducing new methods of processing and farming practices that are also good for the land. They work alongside the farmers and build trust along the way in order to create these systems. As an organization, they have built out programs such as the Coffee Scout program and Trees For Kibira

Washing coffee at the Wachira family washing station

Coffee cherries being washed at the Wachira family washing station


These are the sorts of activities your coffee purchase is supporting.  Thank you for your support and stay tuned for next month's coffee!

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