Our Trolley - A Coffee Shop on Wheels

The Trolley is an experience your wedding or event does not want to go without.  It is strange how such a small feature of your big day, can bring so much joy and a unique flare to the event. 

The trolley is fit out to bring our Three Tree Coffee Shop to you. It is a vintage hot dog trailer that was gutted and remade to make what we had dreamt about.  The little trolley, "Teeny," was created for you.  Part of our mission is to Engage the Community.  Teeny provides a way for us to leave the shop and reach our local Statesboro community, along with communities beyond our little county.  

The Trolley has the capacity to serve espresso drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, cakes, and quite a few other options.  Share with us your idea and let us help you make it a reality.  

Rent this quality experience for weddings, business functions, parties, and more.  Call the shop or email craft@threetreecoffee.com today!