Coffee Shop


We started the coffee roaster because we saw the potential coffee had to make a big impact.  It is harvested by the poorest of the poor and drunk by the richest of the rich.  It is grown all across the globe, covering numerous geographical locations and various cultures.  Lastly, it is one of the most traded commodities on the world market.  Coffee interacts with so many different people, meaning it is the perfect medium to bring about global change since change takes collaboration.  Through this, we created our mission to Empower Farmers, End Human Trafficking and Engage the Community.

After opening the coffee roaster, we realized that we were not getting enough face time with our customers.  We not only wanted to serve our local community, but we wanted to mobilize our community around the other parts of our mission.  Thus, we decided to open a coffee shop, giving us more opportunity and potential to Engage the Community. The growth in our global reach because of this addition has been substantial.  Whether through a delicious cup of coffee, latte art, or allergen-free foods, we LOVE serving our neighbors and sharing an incredible story!


The Treehouse is the upstairs area of our coffee shop that can be reserved for $30/hour. It has room for 20-30 people and has been used for baby showers, wedding showers, casual business meetings, study groups and more. If that space is too much, a large table in 'The Treehouse' can be reserved for $10/hour, which seats 6-8 customers.

You can help us help others by visiting our shop! Check out some of our coffee, merchandise, or pick up that gift card for your family or friend!


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