Guatemala, Carmona, 12 oz

Guatemala, Carmona, 12 oz

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Gold Leaf Story

Cafe Intencional has introduced us to Maria Zelaya, the producer and head farmer of where this lovely coffee comes from. From the hills of Carmona, Guatemala, this coffee is farmed and processed with integrity, ensuring an above fair wage for the entire farm. With the help of Cafe Intencional and El Faro, there are many initiatives in place in the Antigua region such as clean water projects and various meal programs to promote a healthy community. We love partnering with this organization and being able to present this light, tea-like coffee to you! Enjoy!

Tasting Notes

Peach Tea & Almonds

Processing Method



Light - Medium

How many cups can I make?

11 cups*

*Based on using 30g of coffee and 450mL of water